How Much Does Renters Insurance Cost?

How Much Does Renters Insurance Cost?

Mon, Jan 4, 2021 5:18 PM

Renter Insurance

In 2019, the average cost of insurance for renters ranged from $10 to $23 per month. Insurance premiums for tenants are pretty cheap and usually won't differ as much as home insurance rates. If you package or bundle renters insurance with your auto policy, you can qualify for a discount.

Renters insurance cost information

The average price of renters' insurance is based on 12-month policy details, which have been split into monthly payments. 

When researching average prices, it's really important to pay attention to the source of the data and the year depicted since the renter's insurance rates can change frequently. Any information that's many years old may no longer be important. Furthermore, rates within our carrier network for another insurer could be different.

Cost considerations for renters' insurance

The cost of insurance for renters is influenced by various factors. Here are the key components that control your insurance premium for renters:

Coverage picks: Increasing your coverage limits will increase the cost of your insurance policy for renters. Choosing a lower premium deduction for landlords, which is the amount you pay out of pocket if you make a claim, would also raise the insurance cost for your renters. On the other hand, choosing a higher premium would lower the price of insurance for homeowners.

Credit score and insurance: In some jurisdictions, some rental insurance companies can use an insurance ranking. Your insurance score is usually determined from your credit report records. This information is respected by insurers because the information indicates a connection between credit history and insurance risk. Typically, the higher your score, the lower the cost of insurance for your tenants.


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Location: The crime rate in your ZIP code will dramatically affect the insurance rate for your renters. It is used by many insurance providers to assess the risk of making an insurance theft lawsuit against tenants. Geographical variables like environment and weather patterns could not have as much effect on the cost of insurance for your tenants as they would on a home insurance policy.


renters insurance


Dogs/Pets: Since if your dog attacks anyone, you might be sued, certain breeds might increase the insurance premium for your landlords or even disqualify you from having a policy. You could still be refused coverage even though you have the friendliest dog in your apartment complex, and certain insurers may not provide animal liability coverage for ineligible dog breeds or dogs with a bite background.


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Type of residence: The kind of arrangement you rent will impact the cost of your monthly renter's insurance. It would definitely cost more than renting an apartment to rent a single-family home because burglary is considered more common in homes than in apartments.

If you rent an apartment, larger buildings appear to be equivalent to lower insurance rates for homeowners. For example, in a high-rise complex, the average cost of renters' insurance is normally lower than a building with fewer than nine rental units, since high-rises generally have a lower risk of burglary and improved features of fire and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions about Renters insurance cost

Will the cost of insurance for tenants of high-value items such as jewelry and costly furniture increase?

Yes. The value of your personal property can affect the cost of insurance for your renters. Ensure that the limitations on the personal property coverage of your insurance are high enough to ensure all of your belongings. Since your insurance company tenants may also have sub-limits on some things, to protect valuable possessions, you will need an insurance rider on your policy.

Why does insurance for renters cost less than insurance for homes or condos?

Insurance for renters would not cover the physical structure of the house or building that you rent. Usually, this is provided by protection from your landlord.



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