A Standard Homeowners Insurance Policy isn't Always Enough

A Standard Homeowners Insurance Policy isn't Always Enough

Tue, Feb 2, 2021 6:07 PM

Home Insurance

Often, a simple policy for homeowners is just not enough. But it's critical to keep your insurance protection up to date as your career progress and your income increases. This helps you avoid costly coverage gaps and, in the case of a lawsuit, prevents you from spending too much out of pocket. You need a homeowners policy, which grows with you, to be properly covered.

Options for homeowners offer you the versatility to easily add robust, affordable coverage to your policy without misleading endorsements or other complications. These useful possibilities include:


Up-front coverage for replacement costs


This loss compensation option allows you to choose not to rebuild after an insured complete loss at the original location. In this scenario, in a new location, you can get a payout to apply for the purchase, construction, or renovate a new house.


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Personal property replacement expenses coverage


This helps offset the expense of replacing the personal property with no deduction for depreciation, such as electronics, paintings, jewelry, and furniture. So, instead of settling for something of lesser value, you will get the amount required to purchase an equal or equivalent item.




Extended Dwelling Coverage


Complete restoration costs are always different from market value, so the actual costs of restoring your home might not be adequately reflected in your current homeowner policy. If building or permitting costs to change and add up to more than the existing insurance cap, expanded dwelling coverage lets you rebuild. It will also pay for the disposal of garbage, the expense of the contractor, building fees and permits, architect's fees, and other costs.


Law Coverage or Building Ordinance


If a covered loss causes the home to be rebuilt or restored, you will have to build according to current building codes. And this may mean higher costs than anticipated to restore because codes change. In just such cases, building ordinance regulation, or law coverage, exists and it might save you thousands.


Personal offense coverage


This provides you with broad protection against a number of claims and penalties relating to libel, slander, character defamation, privacy infringement, and other offenses. This could involve remarks posted by either you or your kids on social media.



Is your policy for homeowners up to date? Contact us to address your situation and get the protection you really need if you are uncertain or if you have outgrown your present coverage.


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